Trimble CrewSight Adapting to New Jobsite Standards

As we find new ways to work safer and smarter in a post-Covid-19 world, jobsite access control will be more important than ever.

Trimble CrewSight is the leading platform combining a jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased control, site security and employee safety.

Trimble has been working hard with CrewSight users to adapt the platform to add new Covid-19 protocols into their jobsite access control programs. New adaptions and standard CrewSight features include:

Create Zones for Temperature Screenings & Workforce Management

Many jobsites are taking temperatures of workers before they are allowed onsite as well as creating Zones within the project with guard monitoring to track worker movement and restrict access.  Over the last few weeks, Trimble has adapted new workflows to support this process.

Touch-free entry tracking

Jobsite access management using handheld devices with RFID or mobile devices with the CrewSight Mobile App.

Information at your fingertips

Quickly get up-to-date information on who and how many contractors are on-site on the CrewSight dashboard and reporting in both the web interface and mobile app — giving you the ability to ensure compliance and the ability to communicate via instant text with everyone onsite.

Restrict Worker Access

If for any reason a worker should not be allowed onsite, CrewSight managers may immediately restrict badge access to that jobsite. CrewSight even allows you to automatically create new valid dates for allowing access back on to the jobsite.

There’s no doubt as we look toward the future we will all have to change the way we operate. Trimble CrewSight is the platform that will ensure your company’s smooth transition into new operating models.

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