Gain Control Over Your Project Documents with ProjectSight

Any construction firm that’s still using paper to manage their projects likely will admit it’s not the most efficient way of operating, especially when there are any number of software solutions that can do the job seamlessly. But being stuck in an old way of doing business is not uncommon in construction — an industry that’s often one of the last to adopt readily available technology.

For companies still using paper drawings in the field and in the office in 2021, you should know you are putting yourself at a significant competitive disadvantage in your space. Project control software like Trimble ProjectSight makes project teams significantly more productive by connecting people and technologies with timely information that is so complete it unites the virtual and real worlds.

ProjectSight streamlines productivity. No more searching through multiple systems to find the drawings and information you need to give an answer fast. ProjectSight ensures all stakeholders are working from the most up-to-date information available whether you’re in the field or in the office. Additionally, ProjectSight allows companies to:

Get Lean

Team members can collaborate and converse on issues rather than filling out information on old paper-based forms. ProjectSight automates notifications and eliminates wasting time on unproductive tasks.

Establish trust

ProjectSight establishes trust with all project stakeholders. Information is thorough, complete and a record of communication is available so you and your team gain credibility and maintains professionalism.

Create accountability

ProjectSight helps you operate as a team and ensures everyone is held accountable.

How to Say Goodbye to Paper in the Field and Office

Discover More About ProjectSight

Trimble ProjectSight is the next-generation project control software from the makers and developers of Prolog. BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast is an authorized Trimble ProjectSight partner. Contact us today to talk about how ProjectSight can transform your teams project controls systems.

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