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CrewSight: Visbox Explanation of lights and sounds

What do the light patterns and sounds mean on the Crewsight Visbox

When the Visbox is booting up all the lights come on and if the beeper is not muted, it sounds for approx. 90 seconds while the device starts up. There is a button next to the beeper which will silence it.

Once the unit is done booting, the only light which should still be illuminated is the Blue power on indicator.

Above the Enter and Exit area of the Visbox is a Green light which indicates a badge read has been read and the badge is allowed into the zone the Visbox is being used for. If the badge is not allowed, the Red light in the center under the invalid label will light.

For the display, when a Good read happens, the display will show the name associated with the badge.

If the badge is not allowed, the display will show Invalid Scan and the EPC of the badge.