Trimble Field Points

Point Creation Software

Trimble Field Points

Ensure field layout points in BIM-coordinated models are accurately located in the field.

Bring the Precision of 3D to the Field

Watch how easy it is to use Trimble's Total Robotic Station to import 3D models and accurately layout all points to be marked.

Insert Field Layout Points, Fast

Point creation and point layout software designed for contractors who need to create layout points to use with Trimble FieldLink.

Trimble Field Points Benefits

Easy Accuracy

Ensure model points are accurately translated in the field.

Faster Building

Integrate your SketchUp, Revit or AutoCAD files directly with FieldLink and RTS, RPT or GNSS units.

Simplify Stake-Out

Easily export points to Trimble FieldLink, bridging any gaps between design and work in the field.

A Design-to-Construction Solution

Point Placements

Automatic point insertion process on AutoCAD blocks and Revit family insertion.

Flexible Point Creation

Control points, insert manual points or generate automatic point locations to streamline the creation of layout data.

Field Data Imports

Streamline roundtrip workflows when importing staked points into the model.

Direct Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Trimble FieldLink and other layout solutions.

Custom Reports

Generate reports to document the status of specific or all points within a drawing.