Trimble and Boston Dynamics have collaborated to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution between Spot the robot and premier data collection systems including GNSS, RTS, and 3D laser scanning.

How does Spot work?



Integrated Autonomous Robotic Solution

Spot is cutting edge technology to automate processes for many construction applications. Spot will change the way you work in three big ways.

Improve Productivity

Keep your team focused on high-value tasks, no need to schedule countless hours of walking and waiting for scans and measurements.

Seamless Control

The only fully integrated control system of your data collection system and Spot. One controller, one software tool and one place to go for support.

Worker Safety

Keep your workers safe while the integrated Trimble and Spot solution does the dirty and dangerous work.

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Use Cases for Spot

Precision Topographic Surveys

Large geographic area? Spot and the SPS986 can do the work for you while maintaining the precision you expect.

Reality Capture

For repetitive work such as daily stockpile analysis, quality assurance, and as-built analysis, the operator can focus on what needs to be captured, not how to capture it.

Dangerous/Unsafe Site Conditions

Keep your team out of extreme environmental conditions whether it’s spills or ledges or other extremes.

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