Tie your data together

WinEst’s Modelogix cost-modeling tool ties seamlessly to data from any leading cost-tracking solution—including MS Excel, WinEst and many others. Data is stored and managed in a user-defined cost structure and readily accessible, as needed, throughout your company.

Key features:

  • A clean and highly intuitive user interface, balancing power and
    ease-of-use like never before.
  • Model analysis based on the work-breakdown structure of your choosing.
  • New Metrics feature provides more than twenty customizable data types and cost centers—allowing you to intelligently analyze your cost model in ways that are most meaningful to your organization.
  • Inflationary cost indexes allow you to normalize costs in all your past projects—regardless of their date or location.
  • Smart categories allow you to apply key project attributes to past work—filtering thousands of past projects, as you want to, in an instant.
  • Powerful slice-and-dice data modeling capabilities let you combine any mix of work breakdown structures (WBS). Ever wanted to see costs broken down by CSI code within each Uniformat? Modelogix does it.

Safety first

  • A built-in proposal designer that lets you easily generate reports and proposals that are polished and professional—every time.
  • On-the-fly hierarchical work breakdown structure allows you to analyze countless what-if scenarios and explore alternatives—all within your cost model.
  • How-to videos guide you efficiently through set-up and workflow.
  • Search for and compare project ratios based on virtually any data in your model.
  • The completed cost model can be used as the start point for your detailed WinEst or Excel estimate.
  • Use your cost model to benchmark your detailed final estimates, identifying any omissions or errors before it’s too late.

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