ReCap export from TFL Office Scan

If it’s taking you a little too long to export to a ReCap file from the TFL scan module you can try the following to speed the operation up.

In order to create a much faster export for ReCap, go to the bottom right of Trimble Field Link and expand the chevron to open the Section box tool. With the Section Box tool, you can highlight the entire point cloud (do not have to cut this at all). Once you create a section box, go back to the scanning module, and export the ReCap. In short what this action does is to create only the RCS and the RCP of what is inside the section box, versus TFL trying to pull over all the other data files linked to it. This will make the action much faster, and reduce the confusion to the customer on what files they need to bring over for it to work successfully in ReCap.