TFL: Units are incorrect

Customer has CAD and points appear in meters when he wanted imperial.

If a CAD file is imported into Trimble Field Link “unitless” it will assume the units selected in TFL. Try the following fixes to resolve the issue either with a new file or directly inside of AutoCAD.

Text File Fix:

  • Have the file author or partner that you got the file from export a point file to a .txt and adjust the header to the correct units of measurement (meters or feet).
  • Then change TFL units to the desired units of measurement ( meters or feets).
  • Import the points and background ( the CAD file will assume the units of TFL) back into TFL and the point file will readjust upon importing with new header.

New CAD File with selected Units:

  • If you have access to AutoCAD you can open the file and once open type in “Units”.
  • A window will open up that will allow you to save the file to a given unit type.
  • Select your preferred unit type and then resave the CAD file and use that new file in TFL.