T100 Radio Issues

Clients have reported seeing issues with the Radio for the T100 tablet connecting to a RTS unit after shutting down the tablet or putting the tablet in airplane mode. Typically the RTS icon will disappear in FieldLink which is the sign that you having radio issues. If you are having any issues with the external radio on the T100 tablet try the following steps to resolve the issue.

Recommended steps to resolve a radio issue

Step 1:

Run all Windows updates prior to connecting the radio module and installing FieldLink.

Step 2:

Make sure to connect the EM120 Radio to the tablet prior to installing FieldLink

  1. Check the Pins on the radio module and contacts on the tablet to make sure they are clean, free of debris and not damaged
  2. If FieldLink is installed prior to connecting the radio module uninstall FieldLink and delete the “FieldLink” folder located in C:Users%userprofile%AppDataLocal. Shutdown the tablet, connect the radio module to the tablet, start the tablet and install FieldLink via Trimble Installation Manager (TIM)

Step 3:

Make sure the tablet is not in airplane mode. If it’s in airplane mode turn it off and restart the tablet twice.

Step 4:

Download a copy of the Radio Registry Installer files for the external radio (EMPOWER EM120 Site Radio) via the following link. RadioMgrInstaller.zip

Step 5:

Extract all of the files in the zip archive to the T100 Tablet

Step 6:

Select and Run “InstllRadioMgr.cmd”

Step 7:

Say “Yes” to allow the program to run
a) You may be prompted for administrator access if the user that is currently logged in to the tablet does not have administrator privileges.

Step 8:

After you run the installer you will need to restart the tablet for the change to take effect.

Step 9:

Run the Radio Reset executable. The download for the executable file is available via the following link Radio Reset.

Step 10:

If the radio is still causing issues check your connection with another working radio unit.

Step 1:

Restart the T100 and see if the radio appears again

Step 2:

Wipe the connections clean and reattach the radio while the tablet is completely shut down

Step 3:

  • Completely exit FieldLink
  • Then shut the tablet off
  • After the tablet is off switch the radio ports and then restart the tablet

Step 4:

Try a repair install of FieldLink. Run Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) select FieldLink and install the latest version, after it’s complete restart the tablet

Step 5:

Uninstall and Reinstall of FeildLink

  • Uninstall FieldLink
  • Then reinstall FieldLink through TIM
  • Restart the tablet
  • Enter FieldLink to make sure the radio appears again

Radio Issues due to the tablet going in to Sleep mode

As a best practice we recommend completely shutting down the tablet every day after you have finished using it for the day. You need to completely exit from FieldLink and then shut the tablet down using the Windows shut down process. We have found in testing that if the tablet just goes to sleep or your put it to sleep that the radio will no longer appear connected in FieldLink. If this happens restart your tablet to see the radio again.

Service Request

Should the steps above not resolve your radio issue then your tablet will need to be sent in to our service department for a full review and a potential OS reload to resolve the issue.

Please fill out a service request form on our BuildingPoint Partners website to have your issue addressed by our services department.