T10 Tablet Battery Issues

If you find yourself having issues with your T10 tablet batteries and your tablet won’t start there’s a good chance the batteries have gone in to a sleep or hibernation mode. Below are two potential fixes to the issue to wake your batteries up so that they will once again take a charge and your tablet will work as normal.

Fix Solution #1:

For this solution you will need an external T10 battery charger.

Remove the batteries from the T10 tablet and plug them in to the external charger. Let them charge fully on the charger and then reinstall them on the T10 and the tablet should power back on like normal.

Fix Solution #2:

For those that don’t have an external T10 battery charger try the following fix.

While the tablet is off plug in the tablet charger and you should see a blue light (battery charging light) flash 3 times and then turn off.

Unplug the tablet and plug the charging cable back in. You will continue to see the blue light flash each time you plug the charger back in and turn off. Every time it turns off unplug the charging cable and then plug it back in.

You will need to do this multiple times to wake the batteries up. You may end up plugging the charger cable in and unplugging it 4 or more times for the battery light to stay on to show that the batteries are beginning to take a charge again.

Connecting to Cellular Broadband

Below are the steps to connect your tablet to cellular broadband via sim card

  1. Tap the Wireless network icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap Cellular to turn it on, then
    tap-hold it and tap Go to Settings. (Or, tap windows icon / Settings / Network and Internet / Cellular.)
  2. Under Cellular, select the name of your operator—for example, AT&T.
  3. If you want to connect to this network every time it’s in range, select Connect automatically.
  4. Windows will switch automatically between Wi-Fi and cellular broadband as needed. You might incur extra
    charges if you allow roaming.
  5. Tap Connect.

For additional information please see the Trimble Support Bulleting which contains link to Microsoft technical bulletins.

T10 – Touch Screen Adjustments

How do you change the Touch Screen Options on the T10?

Look in the lower right-hand corner of the tablet for the additional apps icon and select it (▲).

Open the control center icon (looks like an equalizer).

Select touch mode, then change to the appropriate setting.

Using a Radio to Connect a T10 to SCS900

Is there an external 2.4 radio that is compatible with the T10 and SCS900?

Yes, you can use the SPS4201 external radio. That name is also the part number you would search for on the Trimble Store. You will also need a 9 pin serial to USB adapter for the T10 connection. Below are the steps to finish the setup:

  1. Plugin the 2.4GHz radio into the T10’s USB port. You will also need 2. Open Windows Device Manager to see what USB Serial Port number has been created (under Ports (COM&LPT). Remember the port number.
  2. In the Windows search bar (bottom left) type “Control Panel” and search for “Trimble SNP Configuration” in the Control Panel. This tool should have been installed along with SCS900/SiteWorks. Click to run it.
  3. Tab the “radio” button. Remove any COM ports from the “Used ports” window and add the COMxx USB Serial Port, which has been created before.
    Hit “Apply”
  4. Highlight the COM port in “Used ports” and click on “Refresh” – it should show the radio’s firmware (Program version) and radio serial number + the current settings = meaning there is communication.
  5. Close the Trimble SNP Configuration.

Before doing this next step you may have to modify the content of the file. In the attached text file is a single digit number of the com port created in device manager for the USB-to-serial cable that you just found. For example, my com port is 6 so that should be the ONLY digit in that text file. You will need to save the attached to a txt file from a the current xlsx file version.

  1. paste the attached file “Option_EnableRadioPort.txt” into this folder:
    c:Program Files(x86)Trimble SCS900 Tablet Edition 8. Open SCS900/Siteworks and connect to your total station.