T10 Tablet Battery Issues

If you find yourself having issues with your T10 tablet batteries and your tablet won’t start there’s a good chance the batteries have gone in to a sleep or hibernation mode. Below are two potential fixes to the issue to wake your batteries up so that they will once again take a charge and your tablet will work as normal.

Fix Solution #1:

For this solution you will need an external T10 battery charger.

Remove the batteries from the T10 tablet and plug them in to the external charger. Let them charge fully on the charger and then reinstall them on the T10 and the tablet should power back on like normal.

Fix Solution #2:

For those that don’t have an external T10 battery charger try the following fix.

While the tablet is off plug in the tablet charger and you should see a blue light (battery charging light) flash 3 times and then turn off.

Unplug the tablet and plug the charging cable back in. You will continue to see the blue light flash each time you plug the charger back in and turn off. Every time it turns off unplug the charging cable and then plug it back in.

You will need to do this multiple times to wake the batteries up. You may end up plugging the charger cable in and unplugging it 4 or more times for the battery light to stay on to show that the batteries are beginning to take a charge again.