Trimble RealWorks Installation Information

The PDF document below has been taken from the RealWorks User Guide. You can download the full user guide from the homepage inside of RealWorks. This document can be used to reference the following basic information about the Trimble RealWorks program. Numbers below correspond to the subsection for the topic as shown in the attached document.

3.1 System Requirements
3.2 Check the Graphics Card in Use
3.3 Check the Open Source Libraries and Licenses in Use
3.4 Download Trimble RealWorks
3.5 Download Trimble Update Network License Utility
3.6 Licensed Features
3.7 Install Trimble RealWorks
3.8 Update Trimble RealWorks
3.10 View and Manage Licensed Features
3.11 Export an Event Log File
3.12 Connect to an External Trimble Service Using Your TID

This install document is for versions 12.0 but the basic processes outlined in it should pertain to prior releases.

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