XR10: LiveView Latency

How do I reduce the latency for the Hololens during live preview mode?

The best way to reduce latency during live preview is to run it through a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. This is a Miracast enabled device designed specifically for Microsoft. The setup is extremely easy. Also, this is pushing out a wifi signal to the other Microsoft products, so you do not have to have an internet wifi connection to work.

  1. Plug the wireless adapter to the back of the tv or monitor. *Note* you will need to plug in both the HDMI and USB (power) to create the source. Then change the source of your tv/monitor to the proper HDMI.
  2. Turn on the XR10
  3. Currently, with the XR10, you will hold up your wrist to get to the main settings
  4. On the bottom right on the XR10 home screen, you will see the “connect” button
  5. Choose the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter out of the list of choices
  6. When you choose the Miracast enabled device you will see it connecting to the TV/monitor.

Once connected you will be live streaming and will be ready for a live presentation

Should you need a wireless adapter here’s a link to one on Microsoft’s website.