FieldLink v6.6 Release Notes

FeildLink v6.6 (2023-02 v6.6.0) has been released and ready to install via Trimble Installation Manager (TIM). Please see the support article about installing updates via TIM if you need help updating FieldLink.
Trimble Field Points Installation through Trimble Installation Manager

Here are some of the Key Features released as part of this new FieldLink Version

  • Automatic creation of a Scan and Layout Job as part of a New Project
  • Nudge button for use with Trimble Vision capable hardware
  • For GNSS users, you will have the ability to select a coordination system and zone in FieldLink
  • For users that have the FieldLink Scan Module you will be able to create detailed area scans for selected areas after an initial low level scan. This allows for a higher level of data collection in certain areas only.
  • For Ri users, you will now be able to set up the unit using April Tags. For questions about this new workflow, please reach out to our support team.
  • For Ri users, you can now setup over a known location using an optical plummet tribrach.

With v6.3 and higher you will need to create a Project inside of FieldLink plus a new file format which is a TFLX file for the use in the point layout process or to collect scan data. If you have not already upgraded to v6.3, v6.4 or v6.5 and experienced this new workflow we suggest you reach out to your BuildingPoint Sales Representative or the support team to discuss the difference between this new process and the data creation process in FieldLink v6.2 and earlier.

To learn how to create a Project in FieldLink v6.5 please refer to the FieldLink v6.3 – Creating a Project and Importing Data article on the Knowledge Base.

The updated User Guide for this version of FieldLink can be downloaded as part of the install process using TIM.

To see an overview of the latest updates in FieldLink please review the attached release notes.