T10 – Touch Screen Adjustments

How do you change the Touch Screen Options on the T10?

Look in the lower right-hand corner of the tablet for the additional apps icon and select it (▲).

Open the control center icon (looks like an equalizer).

Select touch mode, then change to the appropriate setting.

Trimble SCS900: Unable to Initialize Instrument Support

After installing Trimble SCS900 software and launching the application, user receives error stating: “Unable to initialize instrument support. Try reinstalling the program or, if this controller supports it, try allocating more Program storage space.”

Follow the following steps to resolve the issue

  • Uninstall the program from the device.
  • Delete the Trimble Synchronizer Data folder from the tablet as well.
  • Then install SCS900 one more time.

If this doesn’t work you may have to reflash the Windows OS. The instructs for this are included in the PDFs below.