MCAA, JBKnowledge Discuss XR10 Practical Applications and Upgrades

The team at Mechanical Contractors Association of America and JBKnowledge recently released an updated evaluation and report detailing practical applications and upgrades for the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2. It is a comparison report to the HoloLens 1.

Since the first iteration of this augmented reality technology was released in 2016, many in the construction industry have been asking for information that would justify the expense and ROI of this technology in the field. We took some time to read through the report, which you can download from the MCAA website below, and wanted to outline some of what was revealed.

Practical Applications of the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2

The MCAA produced an initial report on the HoloLens 1 in 2018 and in that time updates in the technology have proven out a few more practical applications. We’ve included the report’s findings for you here along with direct independent quotes for each application.

Design Coordination — “Users with robust models can overlay their BIM model on top of existing building systems to confirm their planned design and installation will work with other building systems that are or will be installed.”

Installation Instruction — “Contractors are using the HoloLens to provide end-users instructions for installing building systems. Users are able to view installation instructions step by step and perform work without taking time to evaluate and look at plans and specs because the model in front of them was built to those same plans and specs prior.”

Installation Verification and Quality Management — “Contractors are not only using their BIM Models to plan and execute their work but also to verify that material was installed correctly according to quality standards. Users can overlay their models on the installed material and capture photos or videos of the quality issues. They can also annotate the model to call out quality issues for others to see and address when performing a walkthrough.”

Field Service Manuals and Instruction —  “Service divisions can equip field service technicians with the XR10 so they can access service manuals and instructions hands-free. Having Windows 10 accessible in a user’s line of sight makes it easy to pull up helpful documentation for servicing and repairing building systems without having to carry around a handbook, laptop or tablet which improves their productivity. A well-trained XR10 user can spend less time on every service task, increasing the profitability of the service department.”

Live Support for Service Technicians —  “Senior technicians can remotely assist other technicians with an XR10 by video conferencing with them, annotating their current view and providing backup support without forcing them to meet onsite.”

Performance Upgrades of the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2

The latest MCAA report also details many of the performance upgrades and enhancements that were made from the first-generation HoloLens to the latest model. The most obvious and beneficial, according to the report, is the ability to mount the unit to hard hats. Other upgrades include:

  • Faster computing speed with an upgraded CPU
  • Twice the amount of RAM, which allows for multi-tasking in applications
  • Upgraded 8MP camera now with 1080p camera
  • 73 percent larger field of view
  • Flip-up lens that attaches to standard hard hats
  • Gesture changes that now tracks eye movements
  • Ergonomic improvements that make wearing the device much more comfortable

In conclusion, the MCAA & JBKnowledge report reveals enhanced practical applications, use cases and performance upgrades for the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2 when compared against the first-generation released four years ago. We invite you to download the full report here via the MCAA webiste.

Get Hololens Technology on Your Job Site Today!

We get it. Construction technology is evolving faster than your company can keep pace with. The latest in that technology are mixed-reality solutions.

Mixed Reality technology blends real-world objects with digital content, interactively, and in real-time. Together with holographic technology, it brings the models out of the screen and helps people efficiently interpret physical and digital information, and the spatial relations between them.

The leader in Mixed Reality is Trimble Connect for Hololens. Built on the cloud-hosted Trimble Connect collaboration platform, Trimble Connect for HoloLens supports a new way of working with AECO models throughout the building lifecycle, providing every stakeholder with the latest data on their site, literally.

Benefits of Trimble Connect for Hololens

It’s no overstatement to say Mixed Reality technology like Trimble Connect for Hololens will completely change the way you do business. Beyond improving accuracy and jobsite efficiency, there are countless other benefits, including:

  • Increase confidence and reduce rework by effectively conveying and clarifying design intent and impact to all stakeholders.
  • Maximize your BIM investment to track progress, quickly identify discrepancies, and assure quality by overlaying models on the real world.
  • Optimize and expedite coordination with stacked 3D data from multiple trades, both digital and physical.
  • Accelerate decision making and reduce downtime by enhancing communication and collaboration between local and remote teams.

Test Connect for Hololens on Your Next Project

The Project Managers, VDC experts and Connect Trainers at BuildingPoint Midwest and Gulf Coast can help your company implement this amazing technology on just about any jobsite. Our team will work with your crew onsite to :

  • Prepare all of the necessary rental equipment
  • Outfit hardhats with Hololens units
  • Train the team on Connect for Hololens
  • Prepare all models
  • Help you understand and optimize ROI


Increase Your Speed & Accuracy with the Trimble RPT600

Meet Trimble’s amazing Rapid Positioning System. The all-in-one solution that will replace your tape measure on the job site.

The Trimble RPT600  was created specifically for common layout jobs on the construction site and it’s got everything you need to measure positions faster, more easily, and a high degree of accuracy.

The Trimble RPT600 Layout Station with Trimble Field Link 2D software measures distances and finds positions on the construction job site. Designed and engineered from scratch, the RPT600 meets all unique layout needs for:

  • Floors
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Formwork
  • Decking
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Concrete slabs
  • Mechanical

Whether your projects are big or small, the Trimble RPT600 puts Trimble quality and accuracy at your fingertips with only the unique features that you need.

It’s a Smarter Way to Work

The Trimble RPT600 does the work for you! It automates the measuring of distances and angles, so it finds positions faster and more accurately than a tape measure. For most building construction jobs, it’s also faster and more efficient than a total station, because it’s specifically designed to make layout projects easy. It doesn’t include features for you to adapt to, or work around…or pay for.

Work with Confidence with the RPT600

The Trimble RPT600 is simple enough for anyone to operate with confidence—its automated functions, one-button setup, and guided workflows are quick to learn. But even though this system is easy to use, it still delivers Trimble quality and accuracy.

Autostationing with Smart One-Button Setup

No matter where the tool is placed, setup is fast and automatic. Set the RPT600 on a tripod or attach it to a stationary element on the worksite. Trimble Autostationing technology lets the system self-locate relative to the project you are working on. No leveling required. Just press the green button!

About BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast

BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast is a leader in providing technology across the construction industry. Our solutions are designed to make your job sites work more efficiently and accurately, making your company more profitable.

If you’d like a FREE demo of the Trimble RPT600 or any of our other technology, contact us today!

Trimble ProjectSight Makes Your Job Easier

Discover a project management solution that makes your job easier. Managing a construction site is like orchestrating a symphony. You’re trying to keep everyone working together seamlessly, but it’s easy to fall out of sync.

With Trimble ProjectSight, you get a project management solution that makes your job easier and allows your team to work in synchronicity, including:

  • Project Managers can collaborate and communicate—in real-time with their teams—across the construction site
  • Superintendents can organize their day—prioritizing projects and inspections with ease—using a live interface with the team
  • Project Engineers can manage all the data across the job site for fast, easy resolution of any issues among the team in real time

For more information on Trimble ProjectSight, visit our ProjectSight page or contact a BuildingPoint representative today. 

Case Study: Pepper Construction Builds a Highly-Effective Model-Based Cost Estimating Process

Pepper Construction is one of the largest contractors in the Midwest and the company proudly leads the industry in virtual, lean and sustainable construction.

To improve competitiveness, Pepper Construction team leaders wanted the ability to develop granular-level breakouts within estimates to give customers more insight into project costs. Looking to meet these goals and to also inject consistency, speed and accuracy into its pricing process, Pepper Construction turned to BuildingPoint Midwest and Trimble for help.

BuildingPoint Midwest provided Pepper with Trimble® GC Estimator Suite, which includes WinEst, Vico Office and three Vico modules. These solutions improved Pepper’s estimating results in the following ways:

  • Improved estimate accuracy and consistency
  • Accelerated digital takeoffs
  • 4D BIM for scheduling and 5D BIM for estimating
  • Increased cost transparency with cost breakouts

To read the entire detailed Pepper Construction case study, click the button below.

View Case Study

Trimble Visiting Professionals Program Visits Auburn University

We were very excited recently to see a great article on the Trimble SketchUp blog featuring the Trimble Visiting Professionals Program. The reason being the article featured one of BuildingPoint Gulf Coast’s partners, Auburn University in Alabama.

The VPP brings design and construction professionals using SketchUp and other Trimble products into college classrooms to demonstrate to students how they use technology in their jobs every day.

According to the SketchUp blog, “industry experts engage with students through workshops, lectures, tech demos, and hands-on training. By sharing their experiences, skillsets, and insights they are inspiring the next generation of design and engineering professionals.”

View more about the Auburn program in the video above and read more on the SketchUp blog.

Trimble CrewSight Adapting to New Jobsite Standards

As we find new ways to work safer and smarter in a post-Covid-19 world, jobsite access control will be more important than ever.

Trimble CrewSight is the leading platform combining a jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased control, site security and employee safety.

Trimble has been working hard with CrewSight users to adapt the platform to add new Covid-19 protocols into their jobsite access control programs. New adaptions and standard CrewSight features include:

Create Zones for Temperature Screenings & Workforce Management

Many jobsites are taking temperatures of workers before they are allowed onsite as well as creating Zones within the project with guard monitoring to track worker movement and restrict access.  Over the last few weeks, Trimble has adapted new workflows to support this process.

Touch-free entry tracking

Jobsite access management using handheld devices with RFID or mobile devices with the CrewSight Mobile App.

Information at your fingertips

Quickly get up-to-date information on who and how many contractors are on-site on the CrewSight dashboard and reporting in both the web interface and mobile app — giving you the ability to ensure compliance and the ability to communicate via instant text with everyone onsite.

Restrict Worker Access

If for any reason a worker should not be allowed onsite, CrewSight managers may immediately restrict badge access to that jobsite. CrewSight even allows you to automatically create new valid dates for allowing access back on to the jobsite.

There’s no doubt as we look toward the future we will all have to change the way we operate. Trimble CrewSight is the platform that will ensure your company’s smooth transition into new operating models.

BuildingPoint Support Plans Keep You Covered!

At BuildingPoint Midwest & Gulf Coast our support plans and warranties have got you covered.

We’re not interested in just selling you construction technology solutions that change the way you work, but we want to ensure its full functionality over its lifespan.

That’s why we recently embarked on a plan to keep all our valued customers updated on all their support and warranty agreements.

Jill Husick has taken over the administration of our warranty and support plans and will be contacting you in 2021 to discuss your current plan and other offerings for the future.

This isn’t a high-pressure sales pitch, but rather important information for you to ensure your gear is always covered and operating at its peak capabilities.

If you’d like to know more about our Bronze, Silver and Gold Suppot Plans, please visit our website now and view all three options. And if you’d like to discuss your options as 2021 begins, contact Jill via email or give her a call at 630-283-8874.


Floor Analysis Revolutionized with the Trimble X7 + FieldLink

Floor Analysis has never been easier! 

We’re excited to introduce the new Floor Analysis tools in the latest update to Trimble’s FieldLink Software for the X7 3D Scanner!

Check out these amazing new capabilities for IN FIELD floor analysis and reporting!

Trimble X7 3D scanner users with FieldLink v5.8 are seeing the following NEW powerful and time-saving features:

  • Complete in-field FF/FL reports in minutes in FieldLink v5.8 on the field tablet
  • No need to export any data to get FF/FL or Floor contours for layout
  • Immediately layout high/low contours with the X7, or switch over to your RTS/RPT instrument to layout
  • PDF Export of FF/FL report and PDF Export of contour map/reports
  • Set up the X7 in a drawing/model so your floor analysis overlays right over your drawing/model in the field
  • No office work needed for in depth floor analysis and high/low contour layout

As you can see these new features can save your company hours of work both in the field and back at the office.

The Trimble X7 with FieldLink v5.8 is the only scanner and software combination on the market today that can complete these tasks in mere minutes.

BuildingPoint Midwest and Gulf Coast is an authorized Trimble dealer and we are currently scheduling demos of the X7 with FieldLink v5.8. Contact your BuildingPoint representative today to schedule!

Is Your Company Ready for 3D Construction Scanning?

When you’re working with complex work zones, precise operations, and painstaking procedures, 3D laser scanning is your most cost-effective and efficient solution to streamline the collection of accurate measurement data on complicated construction and design projects.

When analyzing the current conditions of your site, BIM technologies like 3D scanning tools can instantly and accurately collect comprehensive measurement data for construction jobsite measurement and pre-construction processes.

Of course, with innovative 3D laser site scanning technologies- and other similar technologies- comes a lot of questions and misconceptions.


Depending on the range, complexity, and size of your worksites, it’s important to consider whether you’re using the right scanner for the space. Level of Detail (LOD) is a vital factor in effective modeling, so the quality and accuracy of your scanning equipment will certainly have an impact on the value of your results.


A high upfront cost can make implementation seem scary, but it’s been proven time and time again: 3D scanning technologies deliver ROI on every operational front. For example, EC Electric experienced an incredible 90 percent reduction in labor costs from their initial estimate, which didn’t account for the use of 3D scanning technology.


With the right tools and software, a day in the increasingly competitive construction market is easier and more efficient than ever. In a contractor survey, 65% of respondents reported significant ROI, with the majority of the remaining 35% admitting to not employing ROI tracking.

Your company shouldn’t undertake 3D scanning without conducting a cost/benefit analysis first. Click the link below for our handy guide for doing just that.